Best Practices for Media Player Installation

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- Prior to installation do a site-survey to determine the location of electrical outlets, Ethernet cable access, network router, and the best location for viewing the media presentation.
- Ethernet LAN connections can offer better speed and reliability than WiFi connections.
- If using WiFi use your Android or iphone as a network analyzer with apps like WiFi Analyzer or Network Analyzer.
- You can also use a PC and view the Wi-Fi Status Window's Signal Quality or in the command prompt use the PING command to test the lag time.
- If the media player is mounted too close to the TV/display/monitor, WiFi signal degradation may occur due to electrical interference from the TV. 
- When mounting the media player be aware of the increased temperatures in the player if mounted next to other electronic components.
- We strongly recommend you do not mount the media player directly onto the TV/display, due   to signal interference, poor airflow and excess heat.
- Allow for adequate air-flow around the media player and ensure a 2-inch air gap around the sides of the media player.
- Electrical interference from other electrical and electronic devices can cause degradation of the WiFi signal to the media player.
- Ensure your installation has provided for optimal media player performance and is positioned appropriately.
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    I think my installation followed your recommendations.

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