How do I hide the Android toolbar on a C100 or C101 Cenique media player

InReality Support -

The C100 and C101 players do not have the Android setting which allows for hiding the toolbar, which is available on C110 and C410 media players.

We can install an App on your C100 or C101 which will hide the toolbar. It is a third-party app FullScreen. We will need to activate the App, which will bring the Configuration page to the screen. At that time you will need to have a keyboard or mouse attached and follow these directions to configure the App. 

- Once installed, Enable the FullScreen mode; then select the checkbox for 'Autostart'

- Then in both the first and second touch areas, set 'Position' to 'Disabled'

- Click 'OK, I understand'


- Then press ESC to exit the configuration for FullScreen

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