Will the data shown in Live or Demo mode match the data in the Dashboard?

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When the IntelliSense app is in 'Live Mode' or 'Demo Mode' it displays pre-processed data on the media player's screen. The LogPoster app on the player uploads this data to the server where it is processed. The 'Live/Demo Mode' data normally will not match the data in the Dashboard, since the Dashboard displays post-processed data. When the data is processed at the server level, settings such Dwell Time are taken into account. The data therefore can be significantly different between what is displayed in the Dashboard (post-processed) and the on-screen Demo Mode (pre-processed). The Demo mode is for Demo purposes only. It is not as accurate since it is not taking into account the IntelliSense settings. Also the server processing refines the facial recognition data.

In the Sensor Tab, click on 'Track Data' icon for a Sensor. This is the pre-processed data uploaded from the player. There is approximately a 2-10 minute process time, from when the data is uploaded till it is displayed in the Dashboard.


Demo and Live Mode Info Panel:

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