What are the IntelliSense 2.0 Operation Modes?

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There are three Mode Settings: Live, Demo and Background, selectable from the device’s main menu. 
Live Mode: 
The Live Mode can be used when gathering analytics. It also demonstrates the facial recognition software with Gender and Age displayed along with additional information. A white background screen with a smaller grey window will display color coded circles along with identified characteristics. This mode is for demonstration or testing purposes.
Demo Mode: 
This mode demonstrate the devices ability to locate faces and determine gender, age and  mood. A main window displays a live feed of the webcam and a window on the right side of the screen displays the gathered demographics including: Opportunities, Impressions, number of male and female viewers. This mode is for demonstration or testing purposes.
Background Mode:  
The Background Mode allows for the use of third­-party (CMS) Content Management Software presentations to be displayed on your device screen, while IntelliSense AVA data is being gathered in the background. Context aware content can be displayed via the CMS, triggered by IntelliSense and the recognition of the customer's gender and age. This mode is for production usage.
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