New! Overview of Cenique's Rise Player Android App and Compatibility with the new and original Rise Editor

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In January 2016 Rise Vision developed a new Rise Editor. The Cenique Android Rise Player application (versions V2.5 - V3.0) were not compatible with the new editor. If you are planning to use the new Rise Vision Editor, you must update to the V4.0 Cenique Android Rise Player app on your Cenique media player(s). To request an upgrade click here. Using the new Rise Editor also requires that you use the Rise Image and Video Widgets. You cannot use the Cenique Gadgets with the new Rise editor, as they aren't compatible. Therefore you will need to edit your existing Presentations or create new Presentations which are compatible.

In 2014-2015 the Rise 'Classic Editor' was compatible with the Cenique Android Rise Player application (versions V2.5 - V3.0).


Current Rise Editor (New in Jan 2016)



Rise 'Classic Editor' (2014-2015)



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