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Cenique recommends maintaining a list of all MAC IDs for your Cenique media players. The MAC ID is used by Cenique to access your media player to install upgrades and to troubleshoot any issues.

The MAC ID is a 12-digit number like: 11:22:BB:77:FF:44, which is displayed on the Cenique home screen. Attach a keyboard or mouse to the media player. Press ESC ESC or R-click twice to return to the home screen, if content is playing. Note the MAC IDs are permanent identifiers and can't be edited or changed. There are two MAC IDs per media player: Wi-Fi and Ethernet. Cenique can access the media player with either, and the network connection is not relevant in regards to the MAC IDs.

If an application is running press ESC three times or press the Home key to return to the Cenique home screen.

The MAC ID is displayed in the top-left corner of the Cenique home screen:


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